Month: February 2018

Staying creative with seasonal veggies

As I spritz the last slice of lime into my steaming curry sauce, I smile with relief that I’ve made it out of a cooking rut. I tend to ebb and flow in the kitchen with creativity; it’s easy for me to fall back into a world of stir-fry this and stir-fry that. As a mostly seasonal vegetable eater, sometimes it is challenging to be innovative when my winter market bounty looks similar week after week. I knew something had to change when I stopped eating my leftovers. I emerged from stove top monotony by turning on my oven, this is where my recent culinary excursion began.

Roasted vegetables returned to my menu when I had an abundance of carrots, potatoes, broccoli, and cabbage. Within fifteen minutes I tossed them into a baking pan with butter, coriander, ginger, salt, and pepper. I baked everything until the broccoli started to brown and was more than happy to eat this combination with rice all week. I thought my problems were solved. The following week, I found my second batch of roasted vegetables neglected by Wednesday and reluctantly admitted that I needed to branch out once again. I returned to the stove top but grabbed a pot instead of a frying pan.

I picked up cilantro, lemongrass, coconut milk, limes, and fish sauce, essentials for a Thai red curry. The usual suspects came from the market; green onion, garlic, red potatoes, and the most beautiful cabbage I’ve ever seen. After cooking the potatoes and onions down with garlic and oil, cabbage was added along with water. Then coconut milk, herbs, and spices brought this dish to life. A little sugar and fish sauce creates a delectable salty and sweet flavor, while a bit of lime ties it all together. A scoop of this over jasmine rice was a party for my taste buds, I could feel them celebrate the accomplishment of both a home cooked meal and delicious, unique flavors. Typically, I am tempted to eat at a restaurant when I want to taste something different than what I am cooking at home. The health and cost benefits of cooking my own meals are so great that I try not to go this route too often. Instead, I will continue to find alternative ways to cook my beloved winter staples. Next up, stuffed cabbage and mashed potatoes. Visit us at the market and tell us what you’re whipping up with your seasonal vegetables.