Month: January 2023

Market is OPEN January 14th, 10am – 12pm!

This Week’s Catch!

We are in the new years spirit and trying something new every week this year. Last market, we took home shrimp from Washington Crab, grits from Red Tail Grain, and made a delicious recipe for shrimp and grits! We couldn’t help ourselves, and also picked up some dried apples from Wild Scallions Farm – such a good snack, and a great way for them to preserve their fall apple harvest. This week, we’ve got our eye on Meadow Lane Farm’s beautiful looking pecans, and Martha said they are likely to go quick, so we know what our first stop is going to be tomorrow!


New Years, New Food

Did you make note of any personal new years goals or inspiration heading into 2023? We love see all the ways that our farmers and creators help support health and well being for the local community. This month, Honeygirl Meadery is helping support Dry January aspirations with a new non-alcoholic drink, as well as some super “dry” meads!  Homebucha Kombucha has some great bucha that helps support Dry January as well as a healthy digestive system – the complex flavors of their kombucha makes for a great cocktail replacement. Kombucha is low in sugar and packed with probiotics which can help improve digestion and decrease inflammation.

Kombucha from Homebucha & Sauerkraut from By the Brook Tempeh

This week, we shared some interesting facts about seasonal eating and a healthy gut. In addition to the improved nutrition that comes from eating produce that was harvested a day or two before purchase, eating seasonally means that our guts are provided with a diversity of nutrients and bacteria, which can be a huge boost to our immune systems. Your gut biome today should look pretty different than it does in the summer.
So, while we may be craving some of those summer fruits and veggies right now, take heart knowing that winter veggies are not only delicious in their own right, but they do our microbiomes good, too. And you can pick up fermented and pickled products every week at the DFM from By the Brook Tempeh, Spicy Hermit, Bonlee Grown Farm, Homebucha, and others. Follow the link HERE to find some easy fermentation recipes to put all your tasty winter vegetables to good use. Kohlrabi, beets, and cabbage, oh my!


This Week

* The Poetry Fox returns to market this week! Grab a delightful, live-typed poem, made just for you!

* Sign up online & drop your food scraps off at the NewSoil Vermiculture compost table located next to the info table!


Next Week

* Join the Carolina Theatre at their community sponsor booth and see what fun activities and information they have to share!


Want to find out what else your local farmers are bringing to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Saturday, January 14, 10am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Market is OPEN January 7th, 10am – 12pm!

New Year, New Discoveries!

There is always something new – or new to us – to discover at market, and the new year is a great time to keep things fresh by trying something new every week! This week, we picked up a bag of Haw River Mushrooms’ Lions Mane Coffee which is a ground coffee bean and lions mane mushroom combination for your morning cup. We loved it!


Thankful for the Sunshine

Rain or shine, you’ll always find us at market! But this week, we are especially thankful our farmers received a bit of a break from freezing temperatures and some sun for their plants and animals. Despite December’s freeze, they rocked their vendor table displays last week with an incredible variety of greenhouse tomatoes, cold-hardy fennel, sweet peppers, gorgeous cabbage, and lots of those colorful root vegetables we love to brighten up winter meals with – red and golden beets, rainbow carrots, watermelon radishes, purple and orange sweet potatoes, and lots more. Now is the time to check out the healthy and hearty proteins from By the Brook Tempeh, Fickle Creek Farm, Chapel Hill Farm, Meadow Lane Farm, Misty Morning Ranch, Stoney Mountain Farm, and more. Last week, Chapel Hill Creamery had a wonderful display of their pastured meats to pair with your winter collard greens. Many vendors are accepting pre-orders today for pick up and market, and you can peruse their products online from the comfort of your home before swinging by market on Saturday for pick up!


What’s in Season This Month?

It may be winter but there’s still so much abundance to be had at market! Here are just a few of the items in season in our region you can look forward to seeing at market!

beets  –  bok choy –  carrots  –  celery  –  collards  –  chow chow  –  creamed honey  –  dried apples  –  dried tomatoes  –  fennel  –  flower wreaths  –  garlic  –  green cabbage  –  greenhouse tomatoes  –  hakurei turnips  –  herbs  –  jams  –  kale  –  lettuce  –  mushrooms  –  mustard greens  –  napa  cabbage  –  peanuts  –  pecans –  pickles  –  popcorn  –  potatoes  –  pumpkins  –  radicchio  –  red radishes  –  scallions  –  spinach  –  squash  –  sweet potatoes  –  swiss chard  –  watermelon radishes


This Week

* Enjoy market music provided by the one and only Old North State Jam!

* Sign up online & drop your food scraps off at the NewSoil Vermiculture compost table located next to the info table!

* Buy a couple extra food items to drop off at the food donation table on your way out of market!


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When: Saturday, January 7, 10am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street