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Main Season Market open every Saturday from 8:00 am-Noon!

We’re so excited to be back in full swing at the market and look forward to sharing every Saturday morning with you! We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary season this year and have many surprises up our sleeves so be sure to stay up-to-date with the market through our weekly newsletter.

We can’t wait to see you at Durham Central Park every Saturday from 8:00 am-noon!

Join us for the Durham CROP Hunger Walk on Sunday, April 7!

This year the Durham Farmers’ Market is walking in the 2019 CROP Hunger Walk!

Every year, 25% of the money raised by the event is distributed between 12 local hunger fighting agencies, including the Durham Farmers’ Market’s Double Bucks program. The CROP Hunger Walk started in collaboration with Church World Services, who receives the remainder of the money raised to help fight hunger worldwide. Church World Services helps communities that are battling hunger by assisting with the planting of fruit trees and constructing of reservoirs and irrigation systems. Locally, Church World Services helps immigrants and refugees access food in their new communities.

The Durham Farmers’ Market is committed to increasing access to fresh, local food to all members of our community. With the help of our generous partners, including the Durham CROP Hunger Walk, we match SNAP/EBT transactions dollar-for-dollar up to $10. This means that if a SNAP customer spends $10, they will receive $20 to spend on fresh produce at the market. The Durham Farmers’ Market also participates in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP), which provides Seniors and WIC participants with vouchers to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. Through the Double Bucks program, the Durham Farmers’ Market is also able to match FMNP vouchers, dollar for dollar.

In 2018, the Durham Farmers’ Market expanded the Double Bucks program offering a cash match incentive. The market now matches up to $10 in cash for SNAP recipients who are out of benefits for the month, WIC recipients, and community members who live in Section 8 housing or a housing authority site. In 2019, the market’s goal is to eliminate the $10 matching cap and offer dollar-for-dollar matching to all food program participants.

Please support the Durham CROP Walk by making a donation! And don’t forget to join our team. We cannot wait to walk alongside you!

Savor the season with winter produce!

I absolutely love winter veggies at the Durham Farmers’ Market! The variety of greens can be used for salads, stir fry, and sandwiches. Roasted sweet potatoes are a delicious staple in my weekly meals and can be used to make tasty pies or even muffins.

What I really enjoy during the winter is taking these veggies and making warming and satisfying recipes that I can have in the fridge and eat during the week. This way, I know that I am eating something that is both good for me and will warm me up after a cold morning outside. These enchiladas have sweet potatoes and kale in them, both easy to find on Saturday at the market! My family and I can usually finish these off in a couple of days but they freeze well if you want to make an extra batch to have as a freezer meal for busier days.

Winter veggies also lend themselves well to preparing ahead of time and making harvest bowls throughout the week. Think roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes on top of a bed of rice with a tasty dressing. The combinations are endless!

One of the best recipes I have tested this winter has been an amazing pad thai recipe. This recipe replaces noodles with veggies and is a wonderful representation of so many tasty veggies that are grown by the fabulous farmers at the Durham Farmers’ Market!

We always love to talk about food and recipes at the market. Our farmers are experts on preparing everything from collard greens to bison meat chili and enjoy sharing their recipes and getting to know YOU, our loyal market customers. We look forward to meeting you and talking about food soon!

Join us for the Winter Market every Saturday from 10 am-noon!

The Winter Market season is upon us!

It’s a common misconception that fresh produce does not thrive in the Piedmont during the Winter. The reality is that tasty, fresh veggies grow during our cold months. Collard greens, sweet potatoes, cabbage, kale and spinach are just a few of the nutritious veggies that can be found at the Winter Market every Saturday from 10 am-Noon. Not only do all of these veggies grow no more than 70 miles away from Durham Central Park, but they are also nature’s way of providing our bodies with the nutrients it needs to fight typical cold weather illnesses. Round out your shopping trip with local meats, cheese, fresh bread and so much more, including locally made chocolate!

As a reminder, the Durham Farmers’ Market Food Programs run throughout the entire year! We accept SNAP and offer cash matching for customers that participate in SNAP or WIC. And don’t forget about the Double Bucks program, which matches SNAP and cash matching transactions up to $10. Want to learn more? The Durham Farmers’ Market Food Programs were recently featured on Healthy Durham 20/20’s website.

Bundle up and we’ll see you at the market!

Make it an all-local Thanksgiving this year!

Join us on Saturday, November 17 from 8 am-12 pm and Tuesday, November 20 from 3-5 pm to pick up everything you need for Thanksgiving!

Our farmers will have sweet potatoes, salad greens, broccoli, turnips, radishes, winter squashes, beets and much more. Several vendors are taking pre-orders for locally raised turkeys and ducks, and there is also a wide selection of chicken, pork, beef and lamb. Do not forget homemade artisan breads, pies, cakes, goat and cow cheeses and homemade granola, jams, jellies, pickles and hot sauces. Shopping at the Durham Farmers’ Market guarantees that you will have the freshest, locally and sustainably grown foods available in the Triangle area!

Also, the Durham Farmers’ Market is proud to accept SNAP/EBT and offer Double Bucks, which matches SNAP/EBT transactions up to $10 and cash transactions for WIC customers, SNAP customers who are out of benefits for the month, and community members who live in Section 8 housing. The market wants to ensure that fresh, sustainably grown food is available to all community members and that everyone has the opportunity to eat local this holiday season.

We can’t wait to see you at the market with full bags of seasonal food for your Thanksgiving feasts!

Join us for our Silent Auction on Saturday, November 10

We’re excited to host our first Silent Auction and raffle on November 10! We have AMAZING items from the best local businesses that would make perfect holiday gifts (or just something special for you!).

For the raffle portion of our event, we have gift certificates from some of our favorite local restaurants, including Motorco, Pompieri Pizza, Bull City Burger & Brewery, Heirloom Restaurant (Roxboro) and more. The chefs at those restaurants shop at the market and use as many local products on their menus as possible. Our raffle will also include gifts from our very own farmers’ market vendors! There will be beautiful crafts and gift certificates for cheese, chips and salsa, and even a jar of strawberry jam that won first place at the 2018 State Fair! Raffle tickets will be $1 each or 7 tickets for $5.

The Silent Auction portion of our fundraiser will be held on Saturday, November 10 and begins at 8:00 am on the lawn. There are some incredible items to bid on that will make thoughtful holiday gifts for your loved ones! Below is a list of the items available and the closing times for bidding.

Table Closing at 9:00 am

Table Closing at 10:00 am

Table Closing at 11:00 am

You’ll also be able to pickup your favorite DFM merch at the event, in addition to gift certificates to the market. And don’t forget to ask us about our Friend of the Market Program. We’d love to chat with you about it!

Why are we having a silent auction? You may not know that the market operates primarily off of the weekly stall fees from our farmers and artisans. Despite this modest budget, we are constantly working to make fresh and healthy food accessible to our entire Durham community. We want to continue expanding the offerings of our market and need your help to make this happen. All of the money raised from this event will go toward market programs you love, such as the Sprouts Kid’s Club, the Double Bucks Program, cooking demos, and much, much more!

We hope you’ll join us on November 10 and complete your holiday shopping at the market! Until then, check out photos of a few of the auction items below.



Settle into the Fall season at the farmers’ market

It is hard to believe, but the Fall Equinox on September 22 is the official mark of the beginning of Autumn. The nights will start to get longer, leaving daylight shorter as cool weather begins to settle in. Birds and butterflies will begin migrating to warmer areas and we will begin setting sweaters and scarves out.

The Fall Equinox marks the start of a new season and the opportunity to make changes in our lives, to declutter and feel lighter. It is the opportunity to “change with the season,” commit to better eating habits and a more active life. For many, summer is a time of traveling and movement, taking care of kids, and making quick meals with as little heat as possible. Autumn is the time to slow down and root into life.

The change in seasons is starting to show at market, moving from watermelons to pumpkins and peaches to kale. Having a few quick meals for each season can save you from eating a bland and boring dinner. Make sure to plan ahead and make an extra serving to save for lunch the next day!

Twice Baked Honey Nut Squash
Serves 6


  • 3 honey nut squash (or small butternuts) sliced in half lengthwise, seeded, and hollowed out leaving 1/4 inch on the sides
  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups veggie stock
  • 1 large yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 cup kale, stems removed and chopped
  • 1/2 cup gorgonzola cheese, crumbled
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Drizzle squash with a little olive oil. Place squash on an oiled baking sheet cut side down and roast for about 20 minutes. (If using larger butternut squash this process may take longer).
  3. Place 1 cup uncooked quinoa and two cups veggie stock in a pan. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 12-15 minutes, or until quinoa is fully cooked.
  4. Saute garlic and onion in a few tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat. After about 7 minutes add kale. Continue to cook until kale is bright green and wilted (about 8 minutes).
  5. Mix your quinoa and kale mixture together (you may have extra quinoa, save it for a later use).
  6. Take squash out of the oven and scoop a healthy portion of quinoa mixture into each half. Top with a handful of gorgonzola cheese and place back in the oven for about 3-5 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Serve warm and enjoy!

Durham Farmers’ Market is closed on Saturday, September 15

Based on the information regarding Hurricane Florence, the market will be closed on Saturday, September 15.

The Durham Farmers’ Market’s policy is to remain open rain or shine unless we determine that it will be unsafe for vendors and customers. We are committed to our customers and to ensuring that we are open the days and hours that we have published. Our vendors have worked many long hours to provide you with the best products in the Triangle. However, we hope you’ll understand the decision to close the market on Saturday and be there to support our vendors next Wednesday when the market re-opens.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Branching out at the farmers’ market: Squash

With so many varieties of produce available at the farmers’ market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or to always go back to what you know. I challenge you to branch out, try something new, and ask questions to the folks who grow your food. They can help you discover your next favorite pepper, tomato, squash, and more.

In my quest to explore the unknown at the market, I was drawn to a large, beautiful squash that I hadn’t seen very often before. I struck up a conversation with a farmer and she introduced me to the Cushaw Squash, an heirloom variety. These impressive green and white streaked squash weigh in at around 10-15 pounds, have a delicious and mild flavor, and last in storage for months after harvest.

They are also one of the heritage foods certified by Slow Food USA as one of their Ark of Taste products. The Ark of Taste works to catalog and bring awareness to traditional foods of distinctive quality that are at risk of extinction. The rare Green-striped Cushaw is believed to have been domesticated in Mesoamerica sometime between 7000 and 3000 B.C., and more recently is a traditional and loved ingredient in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Appalachia.

Long ago they were cut into rings, put on broom handles and then dehydrated over a fire. These dehydrated rings were then preserved and used all through the winter in soups. Hearing about this rich history made me much more excited about the Cushaw Squash and inspired to try something similar in my own cooking.

Another favored method of preparing these beautiful squash that is traditional in Creole cuisine is to quarter it and cook it in the rind, after removing the seeds. Put it in oven and bake until it is soft enough to be pierced with a fork. Serve it in the rind, with butter on top. Another great method is to peel and cut into small pieces and steam until it is very soft. Do not add water as it contains quite enough. Mash and salt and pepper, and flavor with sugar, nutmeg or cinnamon. Stir in a lump of butter, and serve.

What will your new produce discovery be?

Save time packing lunches with these easy tips!

The backpacks are full, the lunchboxes are packed, and your schedule is filled with sports practices and after-school activities. It’s back-to-school time! That also means that it’s back-to-work time for many of us who are wrapping up the last vacations of the summer and are gearing up for the fall. We’re here to help you easily pack lunches and nourish your body this year.

While it’s easy to grab a granola bar, can of soup or 100-calorie bags of snacks, these foods will not provide your body with the vital vitamins and nutrients it needs to perform at its best. In an ideal world, we would have an endless amount of time to prepare our meals using seasonal ingredients from the farmers’ market. However, busy schedules and unanticipated events make this a challenge. That’s where freezing your meals comes in handy!

Some of the tastiest produce arrives at the farmers’ market in the summer so it’s a great time to make your favorite meals and freeze the leftovers for a quick lunch. Check out the suggestions below:

1.) Purchase bread at the farmers’ market or bake it at home to make sandwiches with all types of fillings, such as cheese, jam, nut butter, vegetables and more. It’s easy to slice and keep bread in the freezer so you can quickly make a last-minute meal.
2.) Who doesn’t love pizza for lunch? A kid favorite is to pack a pizza lunchable. Simply make your own pizza crust or cut whole-wheat pitas into triangles and place in the freezer. The night before, place the crust in the fridge. Pack with cheese, vegetables and homemade tomato sauce and your kid can build their pizza at lunch time! You can also make homemade pizza for dinner and freeze leftovers for future meals.
3.) Make soup in bulk, store in the freezer in individual containers and pack it for lunch during a busy day. You can serve with homemade bread or cook noodles the night before to add to the soup.

The trick for freezing lunches is to place everything in mason jars or plastic containers so it is the correct serving size for your meal. The night before school or work, take the meal out of the freezer and let it defrost in its container overnight. If it is soup or something that needs to be eaten warm, heat up the container the next morning and place the meal  in a thermos so it stays warm until lunch time. It’s that simple!

We know that it’s difficult to get back in the swing of things after a fun summer. Make your life easier and keep your body healthy by planning ahead so you always have nutritious meals available for you and your family. Don’t forget to pick up the best-tasting produce for these meals at the farmers’ market and maybe learn a few new recipes from our vendors along the way!