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Wednesday Market is OPEN Today, June 14th, 3pm – 6pm

Happy Wednesday, Durham!

It’s almost time for our favorite midweek event, so you know where to find us today from 3-6pm – down at Durham Central Park under the pavilion! We’ll have lawn games, picnic tables, and kids activities waiting for you. We hope the week has been kind to you and that those of you who are out of school for the season have been enjoying the sunshine and all the natural beauty that ‘summer’ in Durham provides. If you’re looking for an afternoon activity, we hope you’ll stop by the market to stock up on all your midweek groceries and hang out with some great folks.

We are very excited that Wild Scallions Farm is bringing some delicious berries with them this week, in addition to their seasonal flower bouquets, and veggies. Hurtgen Meadows still has some plants starts, so if you’ve been debating whether to get in on the veggie garden action this season, now is the time to get them while you can! Bull City Farm will be back in their usual spot with lots of pasture-raised meat and eggs available. Their turkey sausage is amazing. We’re also really excited that Celebrity Dairy will be back again this week with goat cheese spreads, chevre, and a variety gelato flavors!


Sprouts Club

This week, we have a bee-ry special visiter! A whole hive of them actually! We are so excited to have the Durham County Beekeepers Association are join us this week to teach us all about bees and pollinators! And they’re bringing a demonstration hive with them! Stop by the Sprouts Club table from 3-6pm for honey tastings, bee activities, and to learn all about these life sustaining insects. And don’t forget to that all kids who participate in the Sprouts Club activity get $5 to spend at market!


This Week’s Recipe: Panzanella with Mozzarella and Herbs

Check out this week’s recipe HERE in our newsletter! This recipe is perfect if you love picking up fresh bread and those beautiful new tomatoes at market, but may have a hard time eating them up before they get a little too hard or ripe. The panzanella provides a nice crouton like crunch in your salad, and the juicy tomatoes bring all the flavors together for a tasty and healthy meal. It includes cucumbers and herbs, and you can customize it with your favorite seasonal veggies. You can find all almost all of the ingredients at market, and we’ve included in the recipes notes which vendor tables you can find them at. Enjoy!

Recipe Credit: New York Times Cooking


Market Music

Enjoy live music by local singer-songwriter, Remona Jeannine!



Want to find out what else is coming to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Wednesday, June 14th, 3pm – 6pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Market is OPEN June 10th, 8am – 12pm!

Peaches are Back!

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer, especially in the seasonal fruit department! Kalawi Farm is back at market with peaches! Be sure to stop by for your weekly fix of fresh peaches and peach ice cream. Lyon Farms also has blackberries and blueberries available now, and while the season for strawberries is wrapping up, you can still find incredibly sweet, late season strawberries at Hurtgen Meadows, Lyon Farms, Lil’ Farm, and South Wind Produce while they last!


Meet the Market – Red Tail Grains

This week, we highlighted one of our amazing vendors, the folks at Red Tail Grains! Owners Danny Cowan and George Allen shared a little bit about how they got started, why sustainably grown grains are important to them, and who inspires them in the grain grower movement of no-till, organic grains. You can meet Danny and one of their awesome crew members, Izzy Pezzulo at the market on Saturdays! Check out the full Q&A with Red Tail Grains HERE

Red Tail Grains is a farm and mill near Mebane, NC. Started in 2013, they specialize in growing grains and legumes using sustainable practices (no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, storicides, or synthetic fertilizers). They mill their grains into flours, cornmeal, grits, and mixes; stone-milling fresh for markets each week.


Recipe Highlights

Looking for some inspiration this week? Check out this this recipe for Kimchi Pizza from A Nourishing Plate, shared by DFM vendor Eunice Chang of The Spicy Hermit for dinner, and take a look at the delicious breakfast yogurt we shared on our Instagram page, using Tykk Skyr from Celebrity Dairy, Strawberries from Hurtgen Meadow, granola from Strong Arm Baking, and honey from Fricks Honey!



This Week

* Enjoy live music by The Durham Street Piano Player, Thomas Merrigan!

* The Poetry Fox is back with custom, live written poems


Upcoming Events

* Save the Date! 2nd Annual Durham Bee Day, Saturday June 24th

* National Pollinator Week, June 19th-25th



Want to find out what else your local farmers are bringing to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Saturday, June 10th, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Wednesday Market is OPEN Today, June 7th, 3pm – 6pm

Life is good under the pavilion!

Rain or shine, you can be sure that Durham Farmers’ Market crafters and farmers will be here and ready to fill your shopping bag with delicious produce, honey, flowers, coffee beans, breads, meats, and take-home meals – every week from 3-6pm!


Vendors This Week

321 Coffee

Bull City Farm

Harland’s Creek

Hua Nong Ecorganic Farm

Hurtgen Meadows Farm


Lyon Farms

Ninth Street Bakery

Soul Cocina

Strong Arm Bakery

Tulip Poplar Honey

Wild Scallions Farm


In Season this June

Need a little inspiration? Check out all of the seasonal fruits, veggies, and flowers coming into season this month! In our growing region, Zones 7a & 7b primarily, we’re seeing a slow fade from the season of cold mornings and crisp leafy greens, to warmer temperatures with all the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, and peaches that love those hot sunny days. We look forward to the harvests to come, and look back on spring with gratitude for the harvests we have had and the hands that cultivated them. We are grateful, also, for our farmers who bring to their craft years of experience with all the tips and tricks that allow them to bring their summer weather produce, while caring for their cool-weather crops so that we receive bounties of kales, lettuces, bok choy, and so many other greens as long as possible. It really is a unique, colorful season at market! We hope you’ll drop by to enjoy it with us.


This Week’s Recipe: Kimchi Pizza!

Check out the this week’s newsletter for a recipe by A Nourishing Plate, shared by DFM vendor, Eunice Chang of The Spicy Hermit!

Totally customizable for unique diets and taste buds, this makes for a great dinner activity with the whole family, and a perfect option for using all your fresh produce from market in a flavorful new way. Try it out!


Sprouts Club

This week, stop by the Sprouts Club table to learn about the life cycle of plants, the parts of a plant body, and plant your own seed pot to take home & grow! Stop by anytime between 3-6pm to participate in the activity and receive Sprouts Market Bucks to spend on nutritious and tasty food at market!



Want to find out what else is coming to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Wednesday, June 7th, 3pm – 6pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Market is OPEN June 3rd, 8am – 12pm!

It’s officially June! And the market is full of fruits and veggies, showing us the coming of summer!

The month of June might be one of our favorites at the market. It’s hard to choose, every month is brings delicious surprises and there are plenty of year-round products to be build a full locally-sourced diet around. But the beginning of June holds that special time when it’s not quite so hot and humid, and yet late spring and early summer fruits and veggies abound. This week, we are excited to welcome blueberries and blackberries to market, while last season strawberries are still grace the tables. We also spotted sweet and hot peppers, yellow summer squash, green zucchini of multiple varieties, cherry and plumb tomatoes, while greens like kale, chard, fennel, green onions, and more spring produce are still here.

We hope you’ll join us to find some old and new favorites this season, and to find out just how many weekly staples can be found at market. Tempeh falafel balls; a variety of kimchi; flours, grits and cereals; ciders and natural wines; teas and medicinal tinctures; yogurt; soft and hard aged cheeses; locally and humanely raised meats and eggs; ready-to-eat meals, and the list goes on.


We’re grateful to be a part of the Durham community, every week. Thank you for shopping with us!


In case you missed it, check out this week’s recipe for Savory Stir Fried Garlic Scapes, in the Wednesday Newsletter!

Market Map, June 3rd


This Week

* Enjoy live music by the crowd pleasin’ Old North State Jam!

* The Poetry Fox is back with custom, live written poems

* Visit the folks of The Recollective at their community partner booth to find out more about their services for hard-to-recycle items. There are so many exciting reusable/sustainable initiatives to learn about!

* The Running of the Bulls 8k race is this weekend! Be sure to check out their website HERE to course maps and the best way to make it to market!


Upcoming Events

* Save the Date! 2nd Annual Durham Bee Day, Saturday June 24th

* National Pollinator Week, June 19th-25th



Want to find out what else your local farmers are bringing to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Saturday, May 27th, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Wednesday Market is OPEN Today, May 31st, 3pm – 6pm

Join us for the final market of May!

After this rainy week, we are ready for some sunshine! And good news, the forecast calls for a warm, sunny afternoon for Wednesday Afternoon Market at Durham Central Park tomorrow.


The Season for Garlic Scapes

“Stir Fried Garlic Scapes” courtesy of Drive Me Hungry food blog

Looking to expand your ingredients list and try out some new-to-you veggies this week? Check out our newsletter link at the bottom of this page to learn about this week’s highlight – Garlic Scapes! Tomorrow, you can find garlic scapes at a few different farmer booths. Matt from Wild Scallions Farm has a bountiful field of garlic scapes on the farm, and mentioned that these bright green beauties are a seasonal staple at his house. We chatted with him abut his favorite ways to prepare them and one of the tips he shared was to sauté / grill them up with soy sauce for a flavorful, savory side dish. We found a delicious recipe for stir fried garlic scapes, along with some extra info on this vegetable for those of us that are new to cooking with them. Check it out in this week’s newsletter. We hope you enjoy some experimenting of your own this week with your market haul!



Last Wednesday, we saw our first blueberries of the season over at Lyon Farms! What a treat to have the last of the juicy, late-season strawberries still in harvest at the market, along with the first blueberries. We love berry season!


Bouquet Garni Foods is back!

Bouquet Garni is back at Wednesday Market this week and we hope you’ll take advantage of Chef Eric’s delicious juices, soups, and entrees to spice up your weekly meals. Busy week ahead? Bouquet Garni’s flavor-packed pasta salad, Senegalese Maffe with rice and plantain, and zesty tomato soup are great options for easy take-home meals that are locally-sourced and super tasty.


The Museum of Life + Science

The museum is back this week with another fun learning opportunity! Check out their activity from 3-5pm at their Sprouts Club booth and pop by the market info table after to receive your Sprouts Club Market Bucks!


These are just a few of the many reasons to make it out to the park tomorrow for your midweek shopping trip. See you there!


Want to find out what else is coming to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Wednesday, May 31st, 3pm – 6pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Market is OPEN May 27th, 8am – 12pm!

Memorial Day Weekend at the Market


This Memorial Day weekend, find flowers to honor your loved one, the perfect grillables for your get together, and all the best freshly harvested veggies to complete the fixins! Find us at Durham Central Park TOMORROW from 8am-12pm!


What’s Coming to Market This Week?


Looking for a delicious, plant-based option for your weekend grill out? By the Brook Tempeh is back at market this week with mouth-watering marinated tempeh burgers and vegan chorizo! Check out tasty menu of handcrafted ferments: soy-free tempeh, sauerkraut, and condiments like chili crisp and hot sauce. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or a curious omnivore, come try the fantastic texture and versatile flavor of this affordable and well-balanced protein.

Wondering what fruits and veggies late May and the cusp of the summer season has in store for us? This week we spotted FRESH BLUEBERRIES at market, as well as the season’s first sweet and hot peppers, yellow summer squash, green beans, and cherry tomatoes! You might want to buy two pints of those ‘maters, because they are just that snackable. Check out farmers like Lyon Farms, Hua Nong Ecorganic Farm, Hurtgen Meadows, Wild Scallions Farm, South Wind Produce, Meadow Lane, Capritopia, Maple Springs Garden, Phoenix Farm, Lil’ Farm, Harland’s Creek Farm, Roberson Creek Farm, Red Hawk Farm, Flat River Farm, Piedmont Microgreens, and Ever Laughter Farm to see what seasonal treats they’re harvesting for your weekend get togethers.

Ready to start sourcing your meat from local, sustainable farms that humanely raise their animals with love and care? Check out these pasture-raised meat vendors: Stoney Mountain Farm, Fickle Creek Farm, Chapel Hill Creamery, and Meadow Lane Farm

Pop open something special with new releases every week from Botanist & Barrel and Honeygirl Meadery, coffee from Red Drum Roasters and cold pressed juice from Jewels of Health Farm!

Bonlee Grown Farm will be bringing geraniums (pictured) in both pots and hanging baskets, a beautiful gift to remember your loved one, They will also their famous Sweet Crunchy and Bread and Butter pickles for your cookout table. Catch both Bonlee and Hurtgen Meadows for some delicious pickles, jams, pepper jelly, and more.


Market Map, May 27


Want to find out what else your local farmers are bringing to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Saturday, May 27th, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Market is OPEN May 20th, 8am – 12pm!

Come for  you weekly groceries, and find some new favorites!

Market is full of good things this week! Stop by for our cooking demonstration and recipe tastings, and stick around for all of the freshly harvested produce, pasture-raised meat, handcrafted meals, sweet treats, local beverages, and gifts your spring table could wish for.


Bonlee Grown Farm called this the sunsetting of the spring season, and we think that is the perfect way to describe the bounty brought to you by our farmers this week. On the cusp of warm summer, we have all the tender lettuces and spring favorites that make this season special, while welcoming new summer season items every week. Did you know you an already find vine-ripened tomatoes, yellow summer squash, and sugar-snap peas at your farmer’s table? While we eagerly await all that summer has in store for us, we are grateful for the spring harvest and celebrate all that our farmers and creators have delighted us with this month.


Expand your kitchen flavors with a few of these seasonal items:

By the Brook Tempeh has seasonal favorites like beet and peppercorn or turmeric and ginger sauerkraut, as well as their weekly special, pre-fried tempeh falafel balls, made with chickpea tempeh, garlic chives and green herbs and BBQ tempeh slabs by the pound.

This is the season for garlic scapes over at Wild Scallion Farm! they will also have peas, lettuce, scallions, and escarole this week!


This Week

* Cooking Demonstration: Looking for some inspiration for your next market-fresh meal?  Blackbird Cookbooks will visit the market this weekend with a tasting of their Tuscan-style vegetable soup, Ministrone di Verdura with Salsa Verde – so stop by, have a nibble, and say hello. We are really excited to say that over 90% of the ingredients for this recipe were sourced from market!

* Market Music: Welcome Blumora to their market debut! Blumora is a vocal duo performing folk, country, Americana, pop and bluegrass music in the Triangle

* Poetry: The Poetry Fox is back! Find him and his typewriter for a personalized, live-written poem


Want to find out what else your local farmers are bringing to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Saturday, May 20th, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Wednesday Market is OPEN Today, May 17th, 3pm – 6pm

It’s time for your midweek shopping trip!

After last night’s rain showers, the sun is coming out. And so are we! Find us at Durham Central Park today from 3-6pm for a great display of pasture-raised meats, fresh harvested produce, bakery goods, coffee, flowers, vegan dishes, prepared meals-to-go, and more!

This Week

* The Museum of Life + Science is back this week from 3-5pm with activities at our Sprouts Club kids table!

* Bull City Farm is now bringing sausages to Wednesday Market! In addition to their variety of beef steaks, whole chickens, and pork, check out their Breakfast, Italian, and Chorizo turkey sausages. Find them tomorrow to see what else they’re bringing to your tables this week. (They’ve shared a recipe for homemade marshmallows, a tasty way to use up extra eggs and spice up your marshmallow desserts, be sure to check it out in this week’s newsletter!)

* We were so excited to welcome Seeds Durham to this season’s market and to meet the student growers and makers of the plants, produce, teas, and seed paper they had for sale last week! They’ll be back this week – stop by to say hi, learn more about Seeds, and pick up some plants!

* Our Strawberry Shindy celebration may be over (thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday, we had a lot of fun with you!) but we can continue to enjoy the goodness of strawberry season as long as they are on farmers’ tables. The season for this beautiful, juicy berry tends to come and go quick, so be sure to pick them up while you can!

* 321 Coffee brought some delicious mango tea to market last week, along with their nitro cold brew. We can’t wait to see what they have at the table this week. It should be a nice warm day and there is definitely a cold brew with our name on it!

* We had the chance to pick up some Tulip Poplar Honey from Shari Gant, and have been enjoying this golden, flavorful honey in our yogurt, teas, and coffees all week long. Do yourself and pick some up today! Next on our list is her luxurious looking honey lotion bars…

* Did you know? Soul Cocina is at Wednesday Market! They busted out their hot tamales last week and we couldn’t be happier. Grab a pack of papusas or an enchilada entree for the week’s lunches, and a hot tamale to enjoy in the park while you’re here!

* Every week, we enjoy the offerings of three local bakeries – Loaf, Ninth Street Bakery, and Strong Arm Baking. You can visit them for everything from baguettes to cookies, and ‘poptarts’ to pizza!


There is this and so much more to enjoy – we’ll see you tomorrow!


Newsletter Link:


When: Wednesday, May 17th, 3pm – 6pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Market is OPEN May 13th, 8am – 12pm!

Celebrate Moms, Grads, and Strawberry Shindy this week at market!

Y’all we cannot wait for tomorrow. In addition to celebrating the season’s favorite berry with the 1st annual DFM Strawberry Shindy, we also get to celebrate YOU! To all the moms, mom-figures, and nurturers out there, we are grateful for you and all you do! And to all you grads, we celebrate your achievements. You did it! We hope you’ll snag your friends and family, and start this weekend’s events off in style with a trip to the market. Because what shindy is complete without the people you love & really really good eats?

Find out what our farmers & creators are delighting us with this week, and learn more about what we have planned for our strawberry celebration in our newsletter!


Strawberry Spotlight

Here is a sneak peek at the fun strawberry specials our vendors are crafting up this week. You’re going to want to add these to your shopping list!

* Bklyn Bakery ~ Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

* Bonlee Grown Farm ~ Strawberry Bread & Strawberry and Strawberry-Fig Jams

* MoonDance Soaps ~ Strawberry Swirl Soap

* Celebrity Dairy ~ Strawberry Goat Cheese Spread

* Chocolatay Confections ~ Strawberry Sunflower Bonbons (2023 Good Food Award winning!)

* Flowering Earth Natives ~ Wild Strawberry Plants

* Honeygirl Meadery ~ Strawberry Elderflower Mead

* Hurtgen Meadows Farm ~ Fresh Strawberries & Strawberry Jam (2022 NC State Fair Award winning!)

* Isaac’s Bagels ~ Strawberry Cream Cheese

* Lil’ Farm ~ Fresh Strawberries!

* Lyon Farms ~ Fresh Strawberries!

* Meadow Lane Farm ~ Fresh Strawberries!

* Short Winter Soup ~ Strawberry Gazpacho

* Soul Cocina ~ Strawberry, Guava & Rose Water Cheezecake & Strawberry Guava Juice

* South Wind Produce ~ Fresh Strawberries!

* Strong Arm Baking ~ Strawberry Pop Tarts (plus find their delicious graham crackers in our strawberry graham cracker shortcake samples!)


This Week

* Strawberry Shindy: TOMORROW! Delicious vendor specials, strawberry shortcake, recipes, face painting, and strawberry themed games. Bring a beloved old t-shirt from home and make your own custom Strawberry Shindy reusable bag!

* The Carolina Theatre is back! Pop by their community partner booth to learn more about what they are up to this season!

* Market Music: Who’s up for a some dancing in the street? Old North State Jam is coming to start our celebration off right!

* Live Poetry: The Poetry Fox will be joining us to craft heartfelt, personalized poems! Swing by his booth for a sweet gift for your loved one!


Want to find out what else your local farmers are bringing to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Saturday, May 13th, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street

Wednesday Market is OPEN Today, May 10th, 3pm – 6pm

Wednesday Afternoon Market Line Up!

It’s going to be a gorgeous day! Looking for a little fun in the sun with your grad or mama? Join us today from 3-6pm and shop early for your weekend celebrations, while supporting local farmers and kicking it on the grass with a picnic and lawn games! Find out more about who is coming to market with good eats and groceries below and in our weekly newsletter!


Sprouts Club

This week, we’ll have not one but two fun kids activities to enjoy! The Museum of Life + Science is back from 3-5pm with Fizzy Sherbert – Bubble, Sizzle, and Pop! Make a delicious chemical reaction that you can enjoy! We are also starting our Strawberry Shindy celebration week early with a fun, hands-on experiment using strawberries, from 3-6pm! Learn how to extract DNA from a strawberry using a few household supplies!

Busy this Saturday? Shop early for Mothers Day and be celebration ready!

Celebrate mamas and all our nurturing ones with beautiful spring bouquets, and the freshest bounty from local, sustainable farms! Catch Wild Scallions Farm, Harland’s Creek Farm, and Hurtgen Meadows for wonderful arrangements of spring flowers while you pick up some of their tasty veggies. Hua Nong Ecorganic Farm and Lyon Farm will be here with an amazing variety of bok choy, sweet and tender Chinese zucchini, lettuce, watermelon radishes, strawberries, tomatoes, asparagus, and lots more.

321 Coffee

The folks at 321 Coffee had a great time at market last week and they’re coming back to share their brews this week! 321 Coffee will be a guest vendor this season at the Wednesday markets and will be bringing decaf coffee our afternoons have been craving, along with their other in-house roasted, ethically sourced coffees.

Pastured Meat & Eggs Available at Wednesday Market!

New this season, guest vendor Bull City Farm will be joining us every Wednesday bringing eggs, pasture-raised meat, and dog treats. Believe us, your pups will love them! And keep an eye out next week for a special, super easy marshmallow recipe Samantha will be sharing with us!

Tulip Poplar Honey

Looking for honey from local beehives? Help those spring allergies by picking up honey from Sheri Gant of Tulip Poplar Honey! Woman owned, tended, and harvested, Tulip Poplar Honey will be here every week to share the bounty of the beehives! Raw honey, candles, lotion bars, and more.

Bakery Delights

And, of course, we will have a scrumptious assortment of local bakeries – Loaf, Ninth Street Bakery, and Strong Arm Baking – here to fill your kitchen with artisan loaves, buns, granola, croissants, cookies, and even pizza.

Seeds Students Join Wednesday Market

Join us in welcoming Seeds students to market this week! They will have produce available they grew in their gardens!

Live Music

Enjoy Market Music by the one and only Stephan Hermann!


Upcoming Event: Strawberry Shindy

You won’t want to miss Saturday Market this week! We are celebrating all things strawberry season with shortcake tastings, vendor specials, photo booth, recipes, pin the strawberry, and make-own-your strawberry t-shirt bags! So bring a beloved old t-shirt & your appetites! May 13th 8am-12pm


Newsletter Link:


When: Wednesday, May 10th, 3pm – 6pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street