Friends of the Market Fundraiser

All of our vendors are working hard to serve you. Here’s a QUICK LINK TO VENDORS 

You probably already know that it takes a lot behind the scene to make the Durham Farmers Market happen every week. The DFM maintains staff to run the market and has ongoing expenses for renting the Pavilion, insurance, providing community outreach programs and special events. These expenses are all funded by membership and vendor booth fees that are generated week to week. The loss of income during March and April has nearly depleted the small amount of reserve savings we maintain for emergencies. Our farmers and craft vendors are struggling to remain in business themselves with the extended shut-down. They continue to depend on the DFM infrastructure, so we are reaching out to supporters to help us recover from the shutdown. If you are able, please make a gift donation today to the DFM Friends of the Market fundraiser so we can continue serving the Durham community.

Thank you in advance for your support of the Durham Farmers’ Market! We look forward to seeing you in May!

Quick Donation – $20

Quick Donation – $50

Quick Donation –  $100

Quick Donation – $250