Market is OPEN August 27, 8 am – 12pm!

What’s a “Food Mile”? It’s one way to describe the distance that food travels from where it is produced to where it is consumed. Food miles have been steadily on the rise for years now, and while many stores have made an effort to purchase more goods locally, there’s still a lot coming from across the country and around the world. Did you know that food found at your grocery store travels an average of 1,200 miles before it is consumed? That’s alot of miles! And many of those foods can be found at market!

At the DFM, we are committed to locally grown and produced goods. Everything that you see at the market has been grown, raised, or crafted within 70 miles of the market.

We know that not everything can be purchased at market, but you’d be surprised at how much you can find. If you’re ever looking for something in particular, ask us and we’ll let you know if it’s something offered by one of our amazing vendors!

This week, we continue to enjoy so many summer fruits and vegetables, as well as a taste of the fall flavors around the corner! Enjoy live music by the Carolina Cutups & receive a live, personalized poem by William Davis. So come on out for another great Saturday Market and find out just how much of your daily staples, beautiful gifts, and delicious seasonal produce you can find, while supporting your community of growers and producers!


We’ll see you there!


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When: Saturday, August 27, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street