Market is OPEN July 1st, 8am – 12pm!

Join us for a market Grill Out!

This week we’re highlighting all of the delicious grillables at market to get you ready for your weekend cookouts! Several DFM vendors will be offering samples of their meats and vegan grill options. You can take a sneak peek of what they’ll be cooking up below, and find their full selection of products on their websites!

By the Brook Ferments

BTB will be sampling smoked tempeh slabs with two options for finishing sauces, a Chimichurri (citrusy and herbaceous) and a Carolina Gold BBQ (sweet, mustardy, and tangy), adding a delicious offering to any 4th of July serving table. Brined overnight and smoked over coals, the tempeh is par cooked, making it easy for you to finish by tossing a sauce and heating up in any shape. We’ll also have tempeh burgers with a Korean BBQ marinade, brined with kimchi juice and sauced up with gochujang and white miso. To pair with your charred eats, we’ll feature some sauerkraut specials and discounts. Come by for a taste!

Chapel Hill Creamery

Sausage from our whey fed pigs at Chapel Hill Creamery is delicious and it includes the hams for an extra meaty flavor and less fat. We’re sampling our Smoked Andouille which is a little spicy and a great addition to any grain or vegetable dish. Make some gumbo or pick up some Bratwurst to grill.

Fickle Creek Farm

Noah and company will be sampling Mild Italian Pork Sausage & Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Pork Sausage Links!

Meadow Lane Farm

The amazing crew over at Meadow Lane will have a selection of pasture raised meats for purchase, including Sirloin and Flat Iron Angus beef steaks, ground beef, BBQ flat ribs, pork chops, and St. Louis Style pork ribs.

Misty Morning Ranch

The folks at Misty Morning Ranch will have a selection of their ostrich steaks and ground meats to sample!

Moon Belly Meat Co.

We’ll be sampling a variety of our pork sausages, including chorizo verde, Korean BBQ, pho soup sausage, and hot Italian. We’ll have small patties of each flavor that guests can buy cased for the grill!

Stoney Mountain Farm

We will have 2 kinds of grilled lamb sausage with various condiments for folks to appreciate the many flavors that work well with lamb. We’ll have lamb sliders made with our ground lamb, served with caramelized onion jam or tomato confit with feta. Extra bonus, we’ll also have lamb pâté to sample!

Sunset Ridge Buffalo

Jack will be offering samples of Bison Burgers & Bison Brats. Try then buy for your 4th of July!


It’s Melon Season!

Y’all it’s finally July and that means it’s summer fruit season! In addition to the scrumptious peaches that Kalawi Farm has been delighting us with the last few weeks, we’ve spotted Cantaloupe at Lyon Farms &  red, orange, and yellow flesh Watermelons at Hua Nong Ecorganic Farm and South Wind Produce! Hua Nong also has a variety of sweet asian melon. Also, Cindy from Deep River Farm is back at market for the season with her fresh blueberries and we can’t wait to see what other summer fruits she has in store for us this season. Pick up your freshly harvested, small-farm grown fruits tomorrow!


This Week’s Recipe: Gingery Grilled Chicken Thighs with Charred Peaches

Recipe courtesy of NYT Cooking

This week’s recipe comes from Melissa Clark at NYT Cooking and will add a delicious little twist to your backyard BBQ. Accompanied by grilled thyme and honey butter-basted peaches and yogurt, the sweet and tangy balsamic glazed chicken is sure to please the taste buds. This Saturday, you can find chicken at Fickle Creek Farm, peaches at Kalawi Farm, Skyr (Nordic-style goat milk yogurt) at Celebrity Dairy, Honey at Fricks Apiaries, garlic at Hurtgen Meadows, Capritopia, and Abanitu Organics,  scallions at Wild Scallions Farm, Lil’ Farm, and South Wind Produce, and a selection of seasonal herbs at Harland’s Creek Farm and Maple Springs Gardens.


Market Music

This week, enjoy live music by local singer-songwriter Remona Jeannine! You can find her music and read her blog about music & life on her website!


Want to find out what else your local farmers are bringing to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Saturday, July 1st, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street