Market is OPEN November 12, 8 am – 12pm!

The Goodness of the Fall Harvest

It’s almost Saturday!

As we wrap up the last of the Halloween decorations and prepare for the coming holidays, we hope we can take time to feel connected to the earth’s turning and to one-another, as we collectively witness our own turn toward winter and this reflective and cozy season. This week we’ve felt the dips and swells of unpredictable temps between bright 80-degree days and cold rainy evenings. We turned our clocks back and are getting used to an early dusk. And we are keeping an eye on the hurricane/tropical storm as it develops while thinking of our farmers.

In all of this, we are reminded of the unique goodness of the fall harvest. Every week, we are blown away by the diverse array of produce on our farmers’ tables, with their bright rainbows of color. As we check in with our local livestock farmers, we are getting tips for perfect cold weather meals and dreaming of sitting around the table with our people and feeling gratitude for the goodness and nourishment given us  through all the earth offers in this time. May we care for one-another, may we ask ourselves what we need in this season, may we walk the path of autumn, together. We love this season with you, Durham!

Will you join us at market? We can’t wait for you to come enjoy the sights, sounds, people, and plenty with us this weekend. See you there!


Leave Your Leaves

* Click HERE to find out what the “leave your leaves” signs around town are all about, and how refraining from raking and bagging your leaves can make a significant impact on the health of our soil, the protection of pollinators, and the restoration of earth’s ecosystem! At the link above, you can visit our Linktree page for helpful resources from the USDA and Keep Durham Beautiful to learn more.


Save the Dates

* Thanksgiving Market! – Tues. November 22nd, 2-5pm

* NO Saturday Morning Market – Sat. November 26th

* Start of Winter Market Hours – Sat. December 3rd, 10am-12pm


This Week

* Enjoy market music provided by The Carolina Cutups! They’re sure to bring a smile to your face and tapping to your toes.

* Find William Davis and his typewriter at the market this weekend for custom, live-written poems!

* Compost your pumpkins at market! Find out more on NewSoil Vermiculture’s website or in our newsletter.


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When: Saturday, November 12th, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street