Market is OPEN September 9th, 8am – 12pm!

Take a peek at the fresh & flavorful produce, meat, meals, & so much more on offer tomorrow at the market – eat well, while supporting your local farmers & small businesses!


This week, DFM staff got to meet with 7th graders from Central Park School for Children to hear what they are learning in their class about food deserts –  what they are, some of the problems surrounding the issue of food access in Durham, and some solutions. We also got to tell them all about the DFM (some of them shop at the market and know all about the goodness within). It was a delight to meet them down at the pavilion in the park, the place that so many customers, vendors, and staff have made home, and talk about how customers can use their SNAP/EBT cards at market, and about how the programs like WIC vouchers, Senior Voucher, and Double Bucks, can help farmers markets increase our community members’ access to fresh, delicious foods. We also talked about how we like to think of the interconnectedness of diversity like a three-pointed triangle: Community, farmer, & food, all connected to one another. We strive to support a diverse community of farmers and producers so their businesses and our local economy thrives, so that we can continue to offer an ever growing variety of foods and products, so that everyone in Durham feels at home at the market and is able to purchase the tasty, nutritious foods they love. And just like the triangle imagery, it’s all connected. We’re grateful for every Saturday we get to spend alongside you, and we’re grateful for the ways you make the DFM a diverse and beautiful place. Curious about these programs & goals, or how you can partner with the market? Feel free to email us or catch us at market to learn more about these programs.


And here are just a few photos of the goodness that awaits you tomorrow at the market!

321 Coffee     

Donate to Local Food Pantries in our Area

Every Saturday, Chris and friends volunteer at the Donation Table, located by the market information table under the pavilion, collecting fresh market foods and cash donations to help stock local food pantries in our community. Curious to learn more? Stop by Saturdays during market hours to chat with this amazing team of volunteers & find out more about the donation program. New this month, they will be able to accept diapers and menstrual products with their Diaper Bank! More on that next week!

Market Music

Musican Leah Woehr joins us for her DFM live market music debut! Check out her music here:


Poetry Corner

Poet William Davis (Endless Will) is back! Find him on Foster Street for your own personalized typewritten poem.


Vote for the DFM in the America’s Farmers Market Celebration!

Cast your vote before voting ends September 18th!

It’s time for the 2023 America’s Farmers Market Celebration! And you know what that means…you can help us win the “People’s Choice” award of up to $5,000 to fund important market programs! It only takes a moment and a couple of clicks to make a big ol’ difference.  And we’d love it if you could help us spread the word by sharing with your work place, friends, and family. Click the link below to cast your vote!

Vote here!

Want to find out what else your local farmers are bringing to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Saturday, September 9th, 8am – 12pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street