Nourish your body & support your community with your new year’s resolution

This is a time when many of us plan for the year ahead. This year, do you want a new year’s resolution that improves both your health and supports the community? Then try adding one salad per day to your diet with ingredients purchased at the farmers’ market. This salad can be anything from the traditional green salad topped with veggies to a cold quinoa and veggie salad mixture. Want to try something fancier? Pick up beets and other root vegetables, roast them, and top with balsamic dressing over a bed of greens. The possibilities are endless and you will be surprised with the variety of offerings for your salad at the farmers’ market in the winter.

Our daily actions have ripple effects far beyond what we see in our lives. By resolving to improve your health this year by eating one salad per day, your actions will have a positive impact on our Durham community. The Farmers Market Coalition highlights the many benefits of shopping at your local market, including:

1.) Stimulating the local economy
2.) Preserving farmland and rural livelihoods
3.) Increasing access to fresh food for all community members
4.) Supporting healthy communities

It is estimated that every dollar spent at a farmers’ market generates approximately $1.60 of local economic activity. Therefore, if you spend $20 on salad ingredients at the farmers’ market, you are generating $32 of economic activity in our local Durham community. In addition, your purchase ensures Durham and our surrounding counties maintain beautiful green spaces and farmland. Also, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with cooking, which is why picking up your salad ingredients directly from the farmer is perfect because vendors and other market shoppers enjoy sharing tips for meal prep. Finally, shopping at the farmers’ market ensures that your food travels no more than 70 miles to reach your table. This yields many benefits, including reducing carbon dioxide emissions since your food does not have to travel across or from outside of the country to reach your plate. Also, our vendors often harvest produce for the market the day before, which benefits you because freshly picked produce has a higher nutrient density since key vitamins and minerals often diminish each day after the food is harvested.

Who thought that a simple new year’s resolution to eat healthier could have so many ripple effects in the community? Whether it’s choosing to eat one salad per day or many other healthy options, your resolution can positively impact our Durham community in more ways than one. Let farmers’ markets play a role in helping you achieve your goals this year. From all of us at the Durham Farmers’ Market, we wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year.