Try new recipes with your favorite winter veggies at the market on Saturday, March 2!

We absolutely love winter veggies at the Durham Farmers’ Market! The variety of greens can be used for salads, stir fry and sandwiches. Roasted sweet potatoes are a delicious staple in our weekly meals and can be used to make tasty pies or even muffins.

What we really enjoy during the winter is taking these veggies and making satisfying recipes that we can have in the fridge and eat during the week. This way, we know that we’re eating something that is both healthy and will warm us up after a cold morning outside. These enchiladas have sweet potatoes and kale in them, both easy to find on Saturday at the market! We usually finish these off in a couple of days but they freeze well if you want to make an extra batch to have as a freezer meal for busier days.

Winter veggies also lend themselves well to preparing ahead of time and making harvest bowls throughout the week. Think roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes on top of a bed of rice with a tasty dressing. The combinations are endless!

One of the best recipes we’ve tested this winter has been an amazing pad thai recipe. This meal replaces noodles with veggies and is a wonderful representation of so many tasty veggies that are grown by the fabulous farmers at the Durham Farmers’ Market!

We love to talk about food and recipes at the market. Our farmers are experts on preparing everything from collard greens to bison meat chili and enjoy sharing their recipes and getting to know YOU, our loyal market customers. We look forward to meeting you and talking about food soon.

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