Botanist & Barrel

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Lyndon and Kether Smith


Cedar Grove, NC

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Saturday: April through November

Wednesday: April through October


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COVID-19 Update: In addition to attending market, Botanist & Barrel offers drive-thru pick-up at the farm and FREE local doorstep delivery for the Triangle and Triad. Botanist & Barrel also ships! Order here

Botanist & Barrel crafts real southern ciders, fruited sours, and wines. Focused on spontaneous, wild cultures and light-handed winemaking we embrace old world methods with modern sensibilities. We make natural beverages with no additives (like sulfites). We craft healthy adult lifestyle beverages for any occasion. All of our ciders and wines contain little to no residual sugar and are inherently low in calories. We support local farmers using only sustainably and organically sourced fruits, including blueberries, apples and more from our organic estate farm. Our ciders and wines are raw, wild, unfined, unfiltered & unpasteurized. We want you to feel good about what you drink. Our tasting room is open Thursdays – Sundays with food trucks every Saturday and Sunday and we love visitors.

Orchard to Glass

We embrace the ideals of the ‘Farm to Table’ & ‘Slow Food’ movements focusing on hyper-local ingredients from small farms (and our own farm).

Natural & Wild

Our flagship ciders are spontaneously fermented with wild and native yeasts.  We don’t use additives of any kind.

Terrior & Taste

Our ciders have a ‘sense of place,” expressing the aromas, flavors and soul of our farm and neighborhood.

A Healthier Adult Beverage

There is a growing trend toward healthy raw probiotic beverages on the social beverage scene. We craft raw ciders that are good for your gut. Our ciders are made without additives. Our ciders are ‘still alive’ as we never kill or remove the mixed cultures (yeasts) through unneeded processing. We choose not to fine, filter, or pasteurize.

It’s all about the Fruit

As a certified organic farmers we value quality over quantity.  Similar to world-class viticulture for wines, we farm for flavor by dry-farming.  While this keeps yields down, it keeps quality up.  We partner with other farmers who share our belief.  All fruits contain a ‘bloom,’ the powdery white coating found on fruit that contains ambient yeast.  We love this natural and wild yeast and have isolated and banked our farm’s wild blueberry yeast to create unique and lovely ciders.

Good Neighbors

The South has an abundance of talented farmers raising beautiful fruits perfect for fermentation.  We source everything as locally as possible and use what the forests and fields around us provide.  We are very proud of our series of original ciders focused on highlighting the true flavors and heritage of our region from foraged and forgotten fruits. People before profit is a key value of ours.

Blurring the Lines

We craft our ciders using techniques from wine-making, brewing, and mixology.  We constantly visit other fermenters and collaborate with other artisans; from cheese makers to tea makers to distillers. For us, lines are meant to be crossed.