East Durham Bake Shop

Vendor Fast Facts


Ali Rudel and Ben Filippo


Durham, NC

Market Day

Saturday: April through November

Wednesday: April through October



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COVID-19 Update: East Durham Bake Shop is open Tuesday-Sunday, 8 am – 2 pm. Address: 406 South Driver Street, Durham, NC. Please pre-order.

East Durham Bake Shop is a small bakery located just two and a half miles from the Durham Farmers Market in Old East Durham. The bakery is owned by Ali Rudel and Ben Filippo and focuses on seasonally-inspired pies, laminated pastries and baked goods with a heavy emphasis on using local ingredients. East Durham Bake Shop has a strong commitment to making all of their products by hand, whether it’s the pastry for their pies, the careful preparation of fruit and vegetables, or the multi-day process of making their croissants. Their market offerings change with the seasons and often feature produce from Durham Farmers’ Market Vendors.