Ever Laughter Farm

Vendor Fast Facts


Will Cramer


Hillsborough, NC

Market Day

Saturday: Year Round




Ever Laughter Farm grows more than 20 different crops and at least 108 varieties over the course of the year.  And now you have access to the latest items through their Virtual Farmstand!  They love trying new varieties and grow a vast majority of their produce from open-pollinated and heirloom seeds. They use organic seeds when they are available. They do not purchase or grow seeds that are genetically engineered.

Will Cramer grows cover crops and amends the soil with leaf mulch and compost. This helps to boost the organic matter content of the soil and helps the soil to retain nutrients and water. The beds are built across the slope to reduce erosion. Fertility is added to the soil through cover crops, local compost, and organic fertilizers when needed.

Ever Laughter Farm does not use any chemicals that are not approved for organic use. They also try to use any pesticide, even natural ones, as little as possible. Instead they hope to build a healthy ecosystem where beneficial insects, birds, bats, and other predators of pests, can thrive.

Rather than growing the same crop in the same place year after year, they grow a succession of different crops throughout the fields, and always include cover crops in our rotation. Crop rotation is the biggest insurance against plant diseases and pests. Cover crops are crops that are grown specifically to improve the fertility, drainage, and microbial health of the soil. Cover crops, such as clovers, rye, vetch, wheat, and winter peas, can be planted throughout the year, allowed to mature, and then tilled into the soil.