Little Tree Farm

Vendor Fast Facts


John & Dale Fluke


Oxford, NC

Market Day

Saturday: Year Round


Little Tree Farm is located on 25 acres of beautiful rolling countryside in Granville County just 30 miles northeast of Durham. John and Dale Fluke started the farm in 2001 after moving there from Raleigh. As a boy, John spent summers on his grandfather’s farm in Ohio and always dreamed of farming himself. Dale, a retired poultry veterinarian and microbiologist, has always loved gardening, nature and the quiet serenity of the countryside. Their farm is quite diverse in that they raise a wide range of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and animals as well as create many farm crafts. Their goal is to provide delicious, healthy and beautiful nourishment for your body and soul in an environmentally sound manner. Together, they raise poultry for eggs and meat and bees for honey and pollination. They also grow and harvest a wide variety of flowers, forage, vegetables and fruits.

Dale, who loves to cook, makes award winning preserves, condiments, pickles, pie fillings and sauces from homegrown produce.