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Garrett Corwin


Durham, NC

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Saturday: Year Round



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My name is Garrett, and I’m the owner of Piedmont Microgreens, an indoor farm specializing in microgreens and edible flowers. If you’re unfamiliar with microgreens, they’re the youngest stage of the same vegetables you’d find in the grocery store. Microgreens are beautiful, tasty, and packed with those beneficial nutrients we often look for in ‘dark leafy greens.’ Since starting Piedmont Microgreens in late 2020, I’ve almost exclusively worked with chefs and restaurants around the Triangle. However, I’m so excited to start working directly with the public and alongside the markets local growers, producers, and crafters.

A bit about me. I’m originally from Southern California, but I moved to Durham about three years ago to start graduate school at Duke. I’ve since graduated with a master’s degree, bought a house, and started this urban farming business. Every day I find another reason to love the Triangle and I want to continue building my life here and getting involved in the community.
If you ever want to visit the farm, I’d love to show you around. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you want to learn more about me, my business, or who I work with, I encourage you to visit our website at piedmontmicrogreens.com.