Wild Scallions Farm

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Matt & Renee Clayton


Timberlake, NC

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Wednesday: April – October
Saturday: Year Round




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It’s all about good healthful food, and beautiful local flowers sustainably grown in a balanced farm ecosystem. Matt and Renee love to grow, cook and eat good food. And since 2004, they have had the pleasure of sharing those passions at the Durham Farmers’ Market. Wild Scallions Farm is located in southern Person County near the top of Mount Tirzah. Their 50 acre farm includes two acres of cultivated vegetable and flower plots, several berry patches, a small orchard, pasture raised laying hens, bees and dairy goats. 

Matt and Renee grow an abundant mix of blooms March through December. They also provide flowers for weddings and special events, featuring unique floral design using all local material. 

They enjoy an eclectic mix of cuisines and styles and love to eat and discuss them all. They are all about the vegetables and have many vegetarian recipes and cooking techniques to share. Matt and Renee are also dedicated to the art of food preservation; we pickle, can, freeze and dry food for year-round consumption.

Everything from their hillside farm is sustainably grown, mostly on small plots on the flattest spots. Wild Scallions Farm’s practices include: improving the soil by planting cover crops, rotating crops, providing habitat for beneficial insects and birds, using surface water for irrigation, and limiting tilling. They try to maximize compatibility of myriad fields; i.e., planting wet-loving plants like irises in perennially wet plots. They only apply natural soil amendments including compost, feather meal, and wood ashes. They control weeds and pests mainly by mulching, hoeing, and hand-picking those worms (which the chickens love). Three generations now help bring produce to market from our farm.