Wednesday Market is OPEN Today, May 17th, 3pm – 6pm

It’s time for your midweek shopping trip!

After last night’s rain showers, the sun is coming out. And so are we! Find us at Durham Central Park today from 3-6pm for a great display of pasture-raised meats, fresh harvested produce, bakery goods, coffee, flowers, vegan dishes, prepared meals-to-go, and more!

This Week

* The Museum of Life + Science is back this week from 3-5pm with activities at our Sprouts Club kids table!

* Bull City Farm is now bringing sausages to Wednesday Market! In addition to their variety of beef steaks, whole chickens, and pork, check out their Breakfast, Italian, and Chorizo turkey sausages. Find them tomorrow to see what else they’re bringing to your tables this week. (They’ve shared a recipe for homemade marshmallows, a tasty way to use up extra eggs and spice up your marshmallow desserts, be sure to check it out in this week’s newsletter!)

* We were so excited to welcome Seeds Durham to this season’s market and to meet the student growers and makers of the plants, produce, teas, and seed paper they had for sale last week! They’ll be back this week – stop by to say hi, learn more about Seeds, and pick up some plants!

* Our Strawberry Shindy celebration may be over (thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday, we had a lot of fun with you!) but we can continue to enjoy the goodness of strawberry season as long as they are on farmers’ tables. The season for this beautiful, juicy berry tends to come and go quick, so be sure to pick them up while you can!

* 321 Coffee brought some delicious mango tea to market last week, along with their nitro cold brew. We can’t wait to see what they have at the table this week. It should be a nice warm day and there is definitely a cold brew with our name on it!

* We had the chance to pick up some Tulip Poplar Honey from Shari Gant, and have been enjoying this golden, flavorful honey in our yogurt, teas, and coffees all week long. Do yourself and pick some up today! Next on our list is her luxurious looking honey lotion bars…

* Did you know? Soul Cocina is at Wednesday Market! They busted out their hot tamales last week and we couldn’t be happier. Grab a pack of papusas or an enchilada entree for the week’s lunches, and a hot tamale to enjoy in the park while you’re here!

* Every week, we enjoy the offerings of three local bakeries – Loaf, Ninth Street Bakery, and Strong Arm Baking. You can visit them for everything from baguettes to cookies, and ‘poptarts’ to pizza!


There is this and so much more to enjoy – we’ll see you tomorrow!


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When: Wednesday, May 17th, 3pm – 6pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street