Wednesday Market is OPEN Today, May 31st, 3pm – 6pm

Join us for the final market of May!

After this rainy week, we are ready for some sunshine! And good news, the forecast calls for a warm, sunny afternoon for Wednesday Afternoon Market at Durham Central Park tomorrow.


The Season for Garlic Scapes

“Stir Fried Garlic Scapes” courtesy of Drive Me Hungry food blog

Looking to expand your ingredients list and try out some new-to-you veggies this week? Check out our newsletter link at the bottom of this page to learn about this week’s highlight – Garlic Scapes! Tomorrow, you can find garlic scapes at a few different farmer booths. Matt from Wild Scallions Farm has a bountiful field of garlic scapes on the farm, and mentioned that these bright green beauties are a seasonal staple at his house. We chatted with him abut his favorite ways to prepare them and one of the tips he shared was to sauté / grill them up with soy sauce for a flavorful, savory side dish. We found a delicious recipe for stir fried garlic scapes, along with some extra info on this vegetable for those of us that are new to cooking with them. Check it out in this week’s newsletter. We hope you enjoy some experimenting of your own this week with your market haul!



Last Wednesday, we saw our first blueberries of the season over at Lyon Farms! What a treat to have the last of the juicy, late-season strawberries still in harvest at the market, along with the first blueberries. We love berry season!


Bouquet Garni Foods is back!

Bouquet Garni is back at Wednesday Market this week and we hope you’ll take advantage of Chef Eric’s delicious juices, soups, and entrees to spice up your weekly meals. Busy week ahead? Bouquet Garni’s flavor-packed pasta salad, Senegalese Maffe with rice and plantain, and zesty tomato soup are great options for easy take-home meals that are locally-sourced and super tasty.


The Museum of Life + Science

The museum is back this week with another fun learning opportunity! Check out their activity from 3-5pm at their Sprouts Club booth and pop by the market info table after to receive your Sprouts Club Market Bucks!


These are just a few of the many reasons to make it out to the park tomorrow for your midweek shopping trip. See you there!


Want to find out what else is coming to the market this week? Check out this week’s Newsletter!


When: Wednesday, May 31st, 3pm – 6pm
Where: The Pavilion at Durham Central Park / 501 Foster Street