We’re taking a little break on November 30th

The Market will be closed on Saturday, November 30th so that we can spend some additional time with family and friends (and probably tending the fields just a little bit too)! We are looking forward to seeing you on December 7th which is the start of our Seasonal Winter Market. We have an opening bell at 10am and run until 12 noon! Every Saturday from December through March our fantastic and devoted farmers and crafters will be bringing you locally-grown food, fresh flowers and finished food products.

When you get to the market, you’ll find hot chocolate, hot coffee and maybe even some hot cider and hot canela drinks to warm you all the way through. We usually have four or five marvelous bakers, including two gluten-free for winter, and they will all be happy to fill your tummy. Of course there are always vibrant, healthy and colorful vegetables available from a large number of our local farming vendors.

For holiday gift giving, you will find everything from jams and chow chow to cheese at one of our four amazing dairies. There are crafts including hand-made baskets, cutting boards and rolling pins to dried and live wreaths. Many of the farmers continue to bring flower arrangements through the winter months. Some of the farmers make their own tea blends and salves while others make candied turmeric and special syrups to add to desserts or drinks. We have clothing that is hand-made and hand-dyed along with pottery and painted gourds. We have two outstanding photographers and one of our  farmers makes small iron pieces for use in your home.

Start some fun new habits with us this December! We look forward to seeing you during our Winter Market Season.