Bluebird Meadows

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Alice & Stuart White


Hurdle Mills, NC

Market Days

Saturday: Year Round
Wednesday: April – October


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COVID-19 Update: Bluebird Meadows offers Wednesday home delivery within a 5 mile radius of Downtown Durham ($30 minimum and $5 delivery fee) in addition to Saturday pick up at market (order before Friday morning, no minimum). Pre-order here.

Stuart and Alice White love the environment and choose to farm sustainably, with as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. They do not use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. Instead, they use lots of compost (worm castings are considered ‘black gold’ among farming enthusiasts), leaf mulch, and cover crops to keep their soil healthy and their biodiversity up. They also hope to incorporate aspects of permaculture on their farm, creating a healthy, closed system with as little outsourcing for material and soil amendments as possible.