Bonlee Grown Farm

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Amy & Ray Sugg


Bear Creek, NC

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Saturday: Year Round


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In 1993, Bonlee Grown Farm was created in southwest Chatham County to supply flower and vegetable bedding plants for the Bonlee Hardware store owned and operated by Ray and Amy Sugg along with their two daughters, Ramy and Erin. During the next several years, it grew into a diverse operation that includes over 7,000 square feet of greenhouses and two acres of garden area for vegetables. The production base of Bonlee Grown Farm includes flowers (double-bloom geraniums, hanging baskets, several varieties of impatiens, perennials, succulents and house plants), vegetables (okra, sweet bell peppers, and shiitake mushrooms), black mission figs, honey, and fresh eggs. 

Amy began making jam, jelly, relishes and pickled products in 1995 to keep a year-round business. Jams include triple berry, strawberry, banana butter, blackberry, fig, jalapeno apricot, apricot, peach, blueberry, and much more. Hot and mild pepper jelly is a favorite. Hot and mild chow chow, sauerkraut and pepper relish satisfy many customers. Pickled products include okra, beets, kosher dill, bread and butter, sweet crunchy pickles, Jerusalem artichoke, sweet dill, dilly bean and others. 

Bonlee Grown Farm uses organic practices with our vegetables (no spray and composted stable manure for the ground). They do spray inside the flower greenhouses when necessary.