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Donna Deal


Rougemont, NC

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Discover the joys of native plant gardening!  Flowering Earth Natives is Durham County’s own native plant nursery, specializing in plants that grow right here in the Piedmont region of NC.  The mission of Flowering Earth Natives is to help you connect with nature through native plants.  Whether your garden is at your home, school, church or community center, you can have a beautiful garden with native plants, while supporting the butterflies, birds, bees and other wildlife that depend on them.  Native plants provide critical food for caterpillars, as well as nectar, pollen, seeds, nesting material, and nesting sites for pollinators, birds and other wildlife.

Flowering Earth Natives grow only straight species, not cultivars, so you are also helping with the conservation of native plants when you include them in your gardens.

We grow without the use of harmful pesticides, purchase supplies locally as possible, and reuse pots to keep them out of the landfill.

Flowering Earth Natives is listed with the NC Botanical Garden, New Hope Audubon, and NC Wildlife Federation as a place to buy native plants.

Garden with a purpose and Rewild Your World!