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Lindsay Perry


Durham, NC

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Saturday: Year Round



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Full Flower Herbs offers a small batch line of tinctures, herbal extracts, salves and other herbal goodness, sourced locally whenever possible and thoughtfully formulated to address common health concerns. Established in 2014, Full Flower Herbs is owned and operated by Lindsay Perry. The vast majority of our ingredients are sourced from small, local and regional farms, Lindsay’s home garden in Durham, and wild harvesting, with some herbs sourced from Organic suppliers. We especially love to work with weedy and abundant plants—it’s truly magical to work with these generous ones.
Reciprocity and care for Earth and the Medicine Plants is at the center of our practice. We think that this makes our medicine more effective, and it ensures that, as we heal, Earth heals too. We are honored to make medicine for you.
Preview our offerings and learn more at fullflowerherbs.com and feel free to say hello or request herbs by emailing Lindsay at fullflowerherbs@gmail.com.