Honeygirl Meadery

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Diane Currier


Durham, NC

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Saturday: Year Round




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Honeygirl Meadery is Durham’s first meadery, and they make meads to celebrate nature and the work of honeybees. Mead is an ancient alcoholic beverage, made by fermenting honey, water and yeast, often with added fruits, herbs and spices. Their meads are made with a modern cook’s perspective, with fresh local seasonal fruits, flowers, herbs and honey. Fermented for at least 90 days, and sometimes aged for almost a year, their menu of meads changes seasonally. Check our website for the latest releases.

Made in downtown Durham NC, Honeygirl meads are hand-crafted in small batches, using all natural ingredients. They use honey from reputable sources both near and far, including NC honey whenever supplies are abundant. They emphasize local whenever possible, including sourcing fruit from NC farms and corks from Zebulon, NC.

They offer a variety of meads, from dry to slightly sweet. They like to explore all the nuances of flavor that happen when honey is fermented into mead. By using wildflower honey in most of the meads, we get to experience all the places that the bees visited. Each mead is truly unique and reflects the terroir of the areas the bees foraged.