Meadow Lane Farm

Vendor Fast Facts


Martha Mobley


Louisburg, NC

Market Day

Saturday: Year Round


(Call or Text)- (919) 495-1305

COVID-19 Update: Pre-order for market pick-up using link in our weekly newsletter. 

Martha’s family farm has been raising quality beef cattle since 1911 near Louisburg, NC. Their animals are raised humanely on native pastures and are never confined to a factory feedlot. Meadow Lane Farm is Animal Welfare Approved and annually inspected. Their organic vegetables are raised in fertile fields as well as in a greenhouse.

This Century Farm is woman-owned and operated in Franklin County.  Women have always played an important role in operating the farm, from Martha’s late grandmother, Sally, to her late educator mother, Marjorie.  Both played key roles in the survival and sustainability of the farm.

In memory of both Marjorie Leonard and Steve Mobley, late husband of Martha, an annual “Farm to Fork” Feast is held in September. Funds raised support small farmers in North Carolina.