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Rachel DuBois & Paul Vail


Raleigh, NC

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Saturday: Year Round


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COVID-19 Update: Moondance soaps are available for purchase at their online store.

Rachel started MoonDance Soaps in 1998. Upon completing a successful thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 1997, she felt that she needed to incorporate some major life changes. Her job as an engineer at IBM was no longer as fulfilling as it had once been and she felt the need to follow a different path in her life. Soap making, which started as a hobby to fulfill Rachel’s need to create with her hands, soon became an obsession and MoonDance was born. Housed in a 1,500 square foot workshop that Rachel and Paul built themselves, MoonDance now employs Rachel and Paul as well as 5 part time employees. MoonDance is a founding member of the Durham Farmers’ Market.

MoonDance was founded not only to produce body care products of the highest quality at reasonable prices so that everybody can enjoy, but also to develop and implement meaningful ways of doing business. They make every effort to operate their business in an ethical and moral manner with the utmost respect for the recipients of their produce. They also make every effort to recycle or compost all of the wastes created in our manufacturing, packaging, and shipping activities.