Spicy Hermit

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Eunice Chang


Durham, NC

Market Day

Wednesday: April – October




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COVID-19 Update: Spicy Hermit offers delivery to any zip code in Durham. Minimum order of 2 jars, delivery fee of $4 will be applied to all orders. Order here. Spicy Hermit kimchi is also available at East Durham Bake Shop and Accordion Club.

The Spicy Hermit is a one-woman operation (with help from generous friends and community) owned and managed by Eunice Chang. Inspired to make kimchi by watching her halmoni, or grandmother, she crafts traditional and seasonal kimchi using fresh produce from local farms (including those at DFM!) and time-honored fermentation methods. What is kimchi? Simply put, kimchi is a delicious product resulting from seemingly magical alchemy of vegetables and spices. All kimchi from The Spicy Hermit is raw, gluten-free, and vegan, and manufactured at each produce’s seasonal peak. The Spicy Hermit’s mission is to preserve local produce through the seasons while still maintaining and enhancing their natural nutritious qualities. 

In addition to the traditional napa cabbage, The Spicy Hermit offers other seasonal flavors such as green cabbage and carrot, slightly sweet radish, mustardy turnip, smoky collard greens and a unique butternut squash. Kimchi makes for a wonderful side dish (like pickles) in addition to being a highly flavorful seasoning for many dips and sauces.