Terra Clotha

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Mike Konvicka


Durham, NC

Market Day

Saturday: Year Round



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COVID-19 Update: Email special orders to mkonvicka@aol.com for pick-up at Terra Clotha studio in Durham or visit the Etsy store.

Terra Clotha was started by the late textile artist Lori Kerr. Her family has continued her work. Mike produces bright, colorful clothing using a technique known as vat dyeing. Typically, he dyes T-shirts for children and adults; baby clothes, including onesies and bubble rompers; dresses and skirts; hats; and silk neckties. The dye tends to collect in the folds, giving the piece a variegated design. After the clothing has been laundered and dried, Mike typically gives it an overdye bath in a second color. The overdye process gives the piece a richness that usually cannot come from a single dye color. After a piece of clothing has been dyed, laundered, and dried, then re-dyed, laundered, and dried, Mike decorates it in his studio either by sewing on an appliqué, or by silkscreening it with an original design. Appliqués feature designs that have been rubber stamped onto the fabric with silkscreen ink.